What is a Spider Bot?

Spider BotA Spider Bot is software generated and used mostly by Search Engines like Google.com, Yahoo.com and Bing.com to read your web content.  Spider Bots go out across the World Wide Web hungry for information. Once they find the information they deliver it back to the Search Engine Servers and begin to categorize the data so they can understand what a web site is about.  If you have a web site about Real Estate, Spider Bots don’t know this.  So you have to deliver quality content so that they can understand you have a web site about Real Estate.

Your web site should have quality content that the Spider Bots can understand like:

  1. What is your Web Site About?
  2. What areas are you proficient in?
  3. What kind of products do you offer?
  4. What kind of services do you offer?
  5. Where is your business located?

Now that you have defined the “What and Where”, the Spider Bots are going to generate Keywords/Phrase about your content they found through highly sophisticated algorithms. They are going to categorize your content by relevant and importance.  So you really have to be careful. You don’t want to accidently mislead the Spider Bots about your web site just like you don’t want to mislead your consumers about your products and services.  This is a common mistake by web site owners and web site developers/designers. Spider Bots want to know, they are hungry for information and if you put the information in the right places, the search engines will naturally display your content. Ultimately this will drive new visitors to your website and with new visitors, you can count on new customers.

"Black Hat SEO"Can you Trick a Spider Bot?

Yes you can and this is call “Black Hat SEO“, and is a extremely unsafe method. If your web site is found to be delivering or performing “Black Hat” methods you could be banished from the Search Engines.  This means you will never be found in the organic searches.  Take a minute to read Google’s terms and conditions, Here.

When performing Search Engine Optimization on your web site it is very important to deliver quality content via only “White Hat” methods. Don’t try and Con the Search Engines, there not idiots. Just deliver quality content and you will be found.

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