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According to hiring an SEO Consultant or an outside SEO Consultant can be a daunting task. SEO Consultant: SEO Los Angeles; SEO Santa Clarita - SEO ConsultantYou see in the Entrepreneur article they placed all the responsibilities of a copywriter, web designer (whom we know can’t do SEO from the side or their ass), product designer, developer, marketer advertiser, analyst, and entrepreneur as an “SEO consultant”! Yea right…

Now are we that good? Yes we are, as an SEO consultant we can solve all crimes including those on CSI. We are actually that good! As a matter of fact I have a special formula of snake oil that originated from the bridge to nowhere, you know that special bridge built by Senator Tom Coburn.

All Jokes aside!

As your SEO Consultant we have to know the market. We have to know the changing algorithms of the search engines. Your company has to know that if they want something along the line of “the bridge to know where” we actually can provide that too.

Honestly it’s not up to us what you want to be found for. We are just the SEO Consultant and were good at what we do! I mean “Really Good at What we do”!

SEO Consultant + SEO Research + Keyword Research = Nine Eye Interactive Media

Hey it’s up to you how your company wants to be found. With a little good research we will find out how your company should be found. It’s our responsibility to advise you on how you should be found. Not always do people take our 15+ years of combined experience recommendations. But when they do, they can expect only the highest standards from Nine Eye Interactive Media.

If you hire us to be your “SEO Consultant”, we promise to commit ourselves to your company to make your company the authority in your industry, your market. We will lead the way to making your company the authority and we will not stop until you are.


We Are Here For You as you SEO Consultant!

Contact our highly qualified staff today! Waiting another day is just another day of not being found for your keywords. Learn More: Contact Us


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